At this stage building has commenced on site and the project is up and running. Variations may have started filtering through and the contractor may have lodged its first payment claim.

The independent construction cost consultant can assist by vetting variations and reviewing the validity of the progress claim including certifying payment in accordance with the Construction Contract Act. Our knowledge of contracts and the fact that we are recognized as industry experts when it comes to cost helps ensure the project is kept on track financially.

We also continually cost check and forecast the project expenditure to ensure that spending is controlled and any additional costs are anticipated early to manage the cashflow.

Kwanto can provide services to help manage these costs during your project.

"We contacted Kwanto to do a detailed costing for a project that we were tendering for. From the beginning Kwanto were highly efficient in there communication and timeframes. The information that Kwanto provided was critical in winning the tender, finalisation of the contract and the day to day running of the project. The outcome for both parties was highly satisfactory as we always had the real time rates that Kwanto provided. I cannot recommend them enough. " Andrew, Andrew Batt Builders Ltd


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