There are many different forms of contractual arrangement, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Kwanto can help in identifying and advising the form of contract which best suits the client's requirements.  We consider parameters which will have an effect on the contract type, for example the time available to complete the project. We are then able to negotiate the contract with the selected contractor.

During the construction of the project the monitoring and reporting of actual cost expenditure, unexpected monies, variations and regular plotting of costs versus targets ensures that an up-to-date position can be known at all times. To many clients a major under-run in time can be as problematic as a major over-run. Only by regular monitoring can such events be properly identified and avoided.

Kwanto can assist during the contract by:

  • Providing regular quantum reports
  • Continuous cost checks to ensure budget is not being exceeded
  • Vet variations and changes to the contract
  • Track the live costs against forecasted
  • Monitor the budget and report risks or threats


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