It is likely that Building Consent has been approved by Council at this stage and you are now preparing the project team for an imminent start on site.

The independent construction cost consultant can assist at the tendering stage by comparing apples with apples. We consider the costs as well as the suitability of the contractor and other consultants to ensure that they are the best fit for the project. We work independently which allows us to negotiate the contract and manage the progress payment process.

Kwanto can provide a range of services to help plan and manage costs during your project.

"Our instructions were accepted with enthusiasm and an imposed short time-frame for performance has presented no particular difficulties; much to our satisfaction and convenience. Based on our outline proposal for remediation work, Kwanto™ Limited has presented a suitably detailed and professional budget estimate that can be confidently presented with our own expert assessment of the property being investigated." Chris Phayer, CJ Building Surveyors Limited


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