On completion of the cost plan the project usually moves into the construction stage.  This generally begins with some form of competitive tendering if the client's interests are to be fully protected.

Kwanto is able to assist with:

  • Compilation and distribution of tender documentation
  • Recommendation of appropriate contractors suitable to undertake the work
  • Review, collate and evaluate tender submissions
  • Recommending tenderer including consideration for cost and non-cost attributes
  • Post tender negotiation

"We had two very close tenders (3.5%) with a total project cost of $1,270,000 incl GST against your estimate of $1,127,000. The difference of 11% can be put down to our adding in a few things and, presumably, an increase in building costs since last year. As soon as we have analysed the tenders to see which is preferred we will look at making savings of around $50k to be on the safe side of our budget. Many thanks for your work on the project. Everyone is very pleased with the outcome, and we will be making a start immediately after the Christmas break. I will be running the contract and may contact you again during the build if issues of cost arise. " Neil Summers


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