Town Hall

Town Hall

Kwanto has been working closely with Regional Facilities Auckland and the team at Salmond Reed Architects (specialist heritage and conservation architects) carrying out repairs and maintenance to the iconic Auckland Town Hall. This project has been successfully completed under budget and on time, however this successful outcome did not come without its challenges.

Working on a culturally and historically significant building like the Town Hall requires a forward planning project team at the best of times. Improvements to the Town Hall also needed to be carefully co-ordinated with five different Council departments and synchronised with Auckland Council board meetings, dress rehearsals, orchestra practises and performances.

Thorough planning by the project team meant that APS (the Contractor) was able to work in different areas of the building to accommodate client stop work requests. As a result, no extension of time delays were claimed.

"Kwanto staff played a key role on the Town Hall Roof Restoration Project - a small scale ($1.2m) but complex job involving lots of detailing and heritage materials such as lead and slate. A complicating factor was the need to keep the building functioning at all times including Council business and rehearsals for the APO. The team of consultants, contractor and client completed this job in a thoroughly professional and collegial manner. Well done!" Frank Woolf


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