Treading lightly

In 2018 we decided to offset all our travel-related carbon emissions by supporting the growth and protection of indigenous forests.  The people at Ekos make it easy to calculate and offset carbon emissions.  Their native forest projects not only capture carbon but help to clean waterways, improve biodiversity and support local communities.

Over the past six years, Kwanto has taken a proactive approach to reducing the carbon emitted by our operation.  These efforts have helped to maintain our ECO Warranty certification.  But emitting carbon is, at present, a somewhat inevitable outcome of doing business...especially when we like to get in front of clients.  So, travel is the main way Kwanto generates carbon.

Air New Zealand also makes it easy to offset carbon emissions for flights at the time of booking, and this has been standard practice at Kwanto for years.  Now we have made a commitment to go further and invest in nature by neutralising all our emissions from travel, including fleet mileage, and Uber and taxi journeys.

While you may not see James rolling up to a meeting on a Lime scooter, Kwanto is doing our little bit to get New Zealand to zero carbon.  We urge all businesses to find their own ways to tread more lightly. 

Treading lightly





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